Know Your Characters

Characters are the lifeblood the story. You can fabricate a setting that lives and breathes, but without characters to thrive in it, you do not have a story. Characters without characterization are all but useless. Don’t get me wrong: they can still carry out all the actions the story requires, bringing it from beginning to [...]

4 Steps for Quick & Easy Revision

I wrote this post a short while back about how I like to revise my writing, which is accurate but unhelpful. This time around I have actual advice. Step One: Break Down the Workload Give yourself about 1,000 words to revise per "session." It may sound unproductive, but trust me on this one: the fewer words you edit [...]

3 Ways to Fix Wimpy Writing Now

  Don't write wimpy sentences. People don't read wimpy sentences. And if they do, they don't absorb them. Weak sentences are overlooked, even when they're meant to convey something important. So, in the spirit of instant gratification, here are three easy fixes for some common sentence wimpifiers: 1. Passive Voice Passive voice is boring. It's [...]

3 Must Have Writing Tools

Using great tools may not automatically make you a great writer, but it's also hard to write at your best when you're dissatisfied with your word processor. Maybe the fonts are rendered poorly, or the interface is cluttered with too many distracting options. These are a few of my favorite writing tools for word processing [...]

The Importance of Feedback (and how to get it!)

Writing for yourself is therapeutic. It's pressure free. It's unwinding. Writing something you want others to read, however, is a little different. Getting someone else to actually read what you've written isn't always easy in the first place, and just because someone is reading doesn't mean you're going to get quality feedback. Family and friends [...]