Why I Write

I read a Reader’s Digest article (from the September 2017 Genius Issue) describing the phenomenon of bestsellers growing “simpler” by the year. This is not a commentary on the article, but a few quick thoughts inspired by its subject matter. I’m also currently reading Moby Dick. I am not particularly enjoying the read --no offense [...]

Awesome Blogger Award

Wow, a huge thank you to storyspillerblog for nominating me! You have an incredible, insightful blog and have left many encouraging comments on my posts. It is a big honor to receive a nomination from you! Also, thank you to Dreaming of Guatemala for creating this award. 🙂 “This is an award for the absolutely [...]

How I Make Characters

I come up with characters quickly. By the time I’ve imagined them, I usually know the main premise of their personality and what I hope to accomplish with them. But there is more I need to know about a character than looks and main personality traits. Here is how I flesh them out into people [...]

Mystery Blogger Award

A huge thank you to MladenR at Writer to Writer Site for nominating me! I am flattered and thrilled beyond words to know you have enjoyed reading my blog! Yours is absolutely fantastic also and you would definitely be one of my nominees, but I don't think I'm supposed nominate the person who nominated me. [...]

On Writing Characters People Give a Shit About

It doesn't always take much to get a reader to root for a character. You can start a story with a guy running, and as long as he's just enough of an underdog (being chased by something ferocious, or multiple people, perhaps), the reader immediately wants him to make it out alive. But once he [...]

On Writing Villains Who Don’t Suck Ass

Sometimes the villain of a story is a force of nature, a la Jack London's famous story, To Build a Fire. Hypothermia makes for an excellent baddie, even lacking motive or a personality. However, if your story's villain is a human (or sentient being of some kind), they're gonna need both. Think of history's most [...]

3 Must Have Writing Tools

Using great tools may not automatically make you a great writer, but it's also hard to write at your best when you're dissatisfied with your word processor. Maybe the fonts are rendered poorly, or the interface is cluttered with too many distracting options. These are a few of my favorite writing tools for word processing [...]

What’s in My Bag – A Writer’s Mini Backpack

Now that I'm a proper blogger, I can participate in my favorite tag! My sky blue Kanken Mini is my favorite bag. I believe it was originally developed by Fjallraven as a bag for small schoolchildren, but it's the perfect size for me to use as a purse! It's well made and comfortable to wear, [...]