Book Review – The Circle by Dave Eggers

The Circle isn't my usual book choice, but a friend described it to me, and I thought I'd give it a try. Especially since they're making a movie about it; see the trailer here! I downloaded the audiobook right away. WARNING: PUNY SPOILERS AHEAD Right away I was drawn to the foul-mouthed, comedic Annie. She's [...]

Mistakes I Used to Make When Writing

When I first started submitting my work to the public for critiques, I made a lot of amateur and completely fixable mistakes. I'm sure I still do, and will someday reflect on my writing from today with embarrassment. Still, I write better now than before I learned not to do the following: Writing Purple Prose Ugh. [...]

When Critiques Do More Harm Than Good

First off, I've reached 20 (a little more, actually) followers! Thank you to everyone who has followed/commented/liked my posts. It means a lot. I would love to do something to thank my followers, and since I don't have many right now, I would like to offer a critique on any reasonable length work you guys [...]

How to Write a Useful Critique

When someone asks you to take a look at their writing, they're asking you to help them improve it. Well, most of the time. There are plenty of writers out there who haven't developed beyond just needing to hear someone say, "Looks good to me." But if someone is serious about writing better, you're not [...]

Book Review – Beacon 23 by Hugh Howey

★★★☆ Something about the cover of this book grabbed my attention as I trailed behind my boyfriend through Books a Million. As a less than avid reader, I wasn't really planning on looking for a book on that trip. But I snatched up this book, started reading at the very beginning, and couldn't put it [...]

Book Review – The Red King by Nick Cole

★★☆☆ I downloaded Audible because I don't read enough. The moment I discover a perceived error, I toss a book aside and do something else instead. This results in my reading only "perfect" books, which are few and far between, and usually written a hundred years ago by impossibly talented authors. (Jane Austen, Jack London, etc.) [...]