Favorite Blog Posts of the Week

Happy Saturday! I have a "flash fiction" in the works, but not a "real" post for today. So, I thought I'd link to a few of my favorite posts from this week posted by others. If this is improper etiquette or if you would like your post unlinked, please let me know. I'm new to this. … Continue reading Favorite Blog Posts of the Week

4 Steps for Quick & Easy Revision

I wrote this post a short while back about how I like to revise my writing, which is accurate but unhelpful. This time around I have actual advice. Step One: Break Down the Workload Give yourself about 1,000 words to revise per "session." It may sound unproductive, but trust me on this one: the fewer words you edit … Continue reading 4 Steps for Quick & Easy Revision

Flash Fiction: Figaro’s First Bar Fight

A pantsed bout of fiction. Let me know your thoughts. Anything short of a novel makes me uncomfortable to write, so I appreciate pointers. One too many times the drunk man’s tepid breath rushed across Figaro’s ear. He spun his barstool halfway around, searching the greasy face before speaking. “Hey,” he said, but the stranger ignored … Continue reading Flash Fiction: Figaro’s First Bar Fight

Hygge and Your Writing

You've probably heard of the hygge craze. But, just in case you haven't, hygge (hue-gah) is a Danish word with no exact translation in English, but basically means cozy. It refers to a sort of aesthetic, and can be complex. The Danish have it down to a seemingly innate science.  Hygge is warm (and often … Continue reading Hygge and Your Writing

A Quick Guide to Avoid Head Hopping

Head Hopping: What not to do. "It's spelt grey," said Bertha, slamming her fist down on the restaurant table. "G-R-E-Y." How was Barnaby dense enough to believe otherwise? Barnaby looked into Bertha's beady, unintelligent eyes and seethed. "No, it's spelled gray. G-R-A-Y." He felt ready to up and leave her sitting there at the diner. Close-Third … Continue reading A Quick Guide to Avoid Head Hopping

Handling a Bad Critique (Without Becoming Homicidal)

You've just written a bangin' chapter for your novel. You've looked over it for typos and grammatical errors. You even waited, sleeping on it before reading again in the morning. Everything seems to be in order, so you put yourself out there. And putting yourself out there feels a lot like walking naked into a … Continue reading Handling a Bad Critique (Without Becoming Homicidal)

Self-Insert Characters

First of all, I want to thank you guys for following this blog. I've hit the 50 follower milestone! Please let me know what you do and don't like. This blog is still fresh and new and defining itself, but that's a lot easier with input from followers and viewers. That said, on to the … Continue reading Self-Insert Characters

Mistakes I Used to Make When Writing

When I first started submitting my work to the public for critiques, I made a lot of amateur and completely fixable mistakes. I'm sure I still do, and will someday reflect on my writing from today with embarrassment. Still, I write better now than before I learned not to do the following: Writing Purple Prose Ugh. … Continue reading Mistakes I Used to Make When Writing

When to Transition in a Novel

A friend of mine who is a talented writer was complaining to me yesterday about the difficulties of scene transitions. She is struggling to determine what she should and should not include in the current in progress draft of her novel. I feel her pain, but also know plenty of experienced writers have trouble in … Continue reading When to Transition in a Novel