I’ve always wanted a domain of my own on the Internet, and this is my very first.

I am an accountant by day, a writer by night. I also love (a select few) video games, animals, overeating and taking naps. I live in North Carolina, in the Charlotte area.

Since I learned to scrawl words onto paper I have written stories. As a child I wrote mainly about the adventures of animal characters, but these days I tend to write post-apocalyptic fiction. That being said, I enjoy editing almost any kind of writing, from school papers to romance novels.

This is my first real attempt at blogging, so my blog may adapt as I find what I enjoy and what people like to read. The focus will be on writing advice, writing prompts, and book reviews, all of which should be taken with a grain of salt considering I’ve never been published. But that’s the goal!

In the meantime, I hope you will interact and advise.

Happy writing!