Who is Your Protagonist?

As I hem and haw about the possibility of participating in NaNoWrimo this year, I’ve been thinking a lot about the protagonist of my in progress novel. He’s been the subject of a lot of controversy in the ream of critiques. He went from a supporting nobody to a guy with a full backstory, a pill addiction, and an unattainable romantic interest.

My favorite characters are the ones who demand to be fleshed out. The ones who surprise me, as though they weren’t borne of my own mind but sprouted from unknown seeds in the soil of my imagination.

Which brings me to the questions:

Who is your protagonist?

Are they the same person they were when you began writing your story?

How have they surprised you?

How have they changed?

How have they proven they deserve their role?

3 thoughts on “Who is Your Protagonist?

  1. My protagonist is definitely flawed. His approach to the world is so black and white, and he feels entitled and righteous. Naturally, I enjoyed taking him down a couple of pegs to round him out. My hope is not to make him perfect or even correct at the end. I only want him to acknowledge that there are other viewpoints, and that they are all valid in some way.

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    1. I love a self-righteous character; Claude Frollo comes to mind. But of course, he plays a villainous role –it’s an interesting trait to find in a story’s protagonist! I bet it’s satisfying for readers to see such a character humbled here and there. 🙂

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