Some Blogging Tips

Hi guys –long time no blog!

I hope to get some input in the comments for this one. I would love to see some of your posts on these topics.

Blogging schedules be whack, yo.

I wanted to be an ever-present blogger, and at the beginning, cranked out a post a day. The plan was to always do this, creating more posts on the weekends to schedule.

Well, that ambition was pure insanity.

It worked for almost two months, then I suddenly burned out. I didn’t want to write posts, and by the time I’d get around to it, it was ten at night and the content was utter shit.

So, I decided I didn’t want to produce shitty content, and made the decision to post three times a week. Obviously that didn’t go according to plan, however, since I haven’t posted at all in about two weeks.

I do plan to try and get my shit together and figure out a schedule that works, but in the meantime, I’m still a newbie who’s totally winging it. Once I do know what works, I’ll let you know. And if you know, please share in the comments or link me to your helpful post!

Monday mornings are the best time to post.

I get loads more attention on my blog posts when I schedule them for 8am on Monday morning.

Totally speculating, but this is my theory:

People here on the east coast have just arrived at work and are sipping their coffee, perusing WordPress before they actually start doing their jobs. Or, alternatively, are waiting for class to begin. Some of them in the more populous cities might be on their public transit commute.

People in the midwest and the west coast are just waking up, scrolling through on their phones while they lie in bed a few extra minutes or sit at the kitchen table sipping coffee.

And you guys everywhere else in the world… I have no idea. I don’t know a lot about geography. What are you up to at 8am EST?

And does anyone have a theory why Monday is the best day? Or, better yet, do you know of an even better time to post?

You get what you put in in terms of gaining followers.

When you make an effort to talk to people and comment on their work, you invite them to have a conversation with you. If you’re lucky, they’ll come check out your blog! Shy people will be more likely to comment if you’ve already broken that ice, and one of the most rewarding things about blogging is making friends.

I’ve seen some people who want people to come check out their blogs, but they aren’t particularly interested in checking out those potential followers.

Fortunately I haven’t run into this on WordPress, but it’s rampant on Twitter: there are people out there who follow others to get that “follow back;” then they unfollow!


Followers are quality > quantity for me, and I have some great ones. I follow each of them in return not only because I appreciate their attention to my writing, but because I am interested in the work they’re putting out. I don’t want a bunch of people who follow me only because I followed them, who have no interest in my blog niche (writing), and don’t interact with me.

Don’t follow people just so they’ll follow you back. Okay, okay –I always do hope I’ll get a follow back when I follow someone, but I don’t unfollow them if they choose not to do so. I follow people because they have good stuff on their blog and I hope to learn from it.

I will, however, hit that unfollow button if what they’re posting stops aligning with my interests or is in some way offensive to me.

I should add –there are many ways to gain followers, and it can be a full time job. I’m not too interested just yet in having thousands of followers.

Right now, I want to improve my writing and blogging habits, and talk with great people. If you want more followers, there is great advice out there to attract them. And, if I’m not mistaken, the way to get tons quickly is probably not to network blogger by blogger.

But, right now, that’s how I roll.

The blogging community is filled with wonderful people.

I can’t believe how many intelligent and wonderful people I’ve talked with since I started this blog. You guys rock. Thanks for your interest in my posts. It means so much!


3 thoughts on “Some Blogging Tips

  1. I’ve had this blog for years, but I only just started using it properly a few weeks ago after giving up on Twitter (to which I just returned in a limited role). I love interacting and have people interact with me.

    I post randomly, mostly in the morning. When I post a story or Freedom Lane, I tend to do it at night. I find around seven or eight at night works better for longer stuff (a few thousand words or more). Maybe people are looking for something to read after a long day while they relax.

    The blogging is better in the AM though (#AMwriting). I tend to be able to get a couple hundred words out, but I’m inconsistent to the amount of times during the week I post.

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