Make Your Writing Kick Ass

Ever read back over your action scene, only to find it lacking?

It’s not always easy to get what you see in your mind on paper; especially when it’s supposed to be a balls to the wall action scene.

Often these scenes come across dull and even boring because the writer hasn’t used effective language to write them.

“The bull was coming straight for them,” is far less exciting than “The bull charged them.” And, while it may be tempting to sprinkle in adjectives and adverbs to give the reader a better picture of the scene, “The enraged brown bull ran at them irately” is even less effective. Try to always paint a scene with action. “The bull snorted clouds of steam from its nostrils and pawed the ground with its hoof. Then it charged.”


4 thoughts on “Make Your Writing Kick Ass

  1. BUT
    Also keep in mind, sometimes your writing seems boring to you, simply because you are the writer. When you write such things, we may feel it while we write but upon re-reading we feel completely unaffected by that would-be kick-in-the-gut scene.
    And that’s because you’re familiar with it. You have already experience d that scene – sometimes three or four times over this week alone. Of COURSE you’re unaffected by it.

    While this isnt always the case of course, it pay to keep this in mind and before completely scrapping or rewriting a scene, have someone else read it over and give their take on it. I’ve had to do this a number of times, in scenes I’ve read like ‘i feel nothing, what is this?’ Only to have my friends be like DAYUM GUUURL, HELLS YEAH THE FEELS.

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    1. You make an excellent point! I think it is always a great idea to run your writing by someone else. Another person’s opinion can be invaluable; and it’s especially great when they love something you thought was “meh!”

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  2. This is great advice for most types of scenes. For action scenes, an absolute must!
    Sadly, I’m the Queen of Adverbs. They’re mightily unloved and some deep, dark part of me wants to hug them. My efforts to resist are becoming increasingly futile. 😀

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