Best Tagging Practices to Promote Your Blog

Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter are great resources for bloggers. These sites already have massive communities you can reach out to, learn from, and interact with –you only have to make sure your content reaches the right audience.

Most people who have used these sites before know that tagging is the means by which content reaches interested readers. Many social media users have specific tags they “track,” meaning they’ll see anything posted with certain hashtags.

These three social media platforms utilize tagging in different ways.

A typical Instagram post may only have a sea of #hashtags, with no complete sentences to be found. On the other hand, a Pinterest pin usually has a small paragraph underneath describing the image. This is due to the differences in how users search the sites.

#Clothes #fashion #fallfashion2017 is a less helpful caption for a pin than, “I love these looks for 2017 fall fashion!”

On Instagram, however, a paragraph, no matter how detailed, won’t help you get views on a post unless you throw a couple #s in there. You could always do, “I love these #looks for #2017fallfashion,” but you will appear in more tracked tags if you go ahead and post many more hashtags. Just make sure it’s less than thirty, or the comment won’t post.

I find Twitter the trickiest of the three as far as using the most appropriate hashtags. Luckily, there’s great advice out there to make the most of hashtags in the 140 character limit imposed by Twitter. RiteTag, for example, allows you to see how effective your hashtags will be before posting them.

With all three platforms, it is best to stick to tags that will be relevant to your target audience –not whatever’s trending at the moment. You may get a few more views if you use trending hashtags, but if you want to attract long term followers, use only relevant ones.


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