Favorite Blog Posts of the Week

Happy Saturday!

I have a “flash fiction” in the works, but not a “real” post for today. So, I thought I’d link to a few of my favorite posts from this week posted by others. If this is improper etiquette or if you would like your post unlinked, please let me know. I’m new to this.

Real Book or Kindle for Novel Reading? by lynnefisher – A nice look at the pros and cons of e-readers.

Bus Queen by Mariella A.S. Hudson – A vignette, I believe it’s called, describing a unique and beautiful person on a bus.

Do you know how to write good exposition background? by Jean M. Cogdell – Handy guide to exposition in writing.

8 Reasons You Should Be Writing Short Stories  by Kate Sullivan/TCKPublishing – Convinced me to start publishing fiction on my blog as opposed to prompt responses and writing advice.

My 4 Rules for Writing a Book Series by theryanlanz – Nice points, and plenty I agree with about writing a book series.

Twitch Stream Story: Dear Ceri, Please Do Tricks by Blaine Arcade – This blogger writes in livestreams! I found this story in the WordPress Reader and found it unique and sweet.

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