My Favorite Words

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love the English language.

I love all the inconsistent, infuriating grammar rules. I love how different every word is from another, how they’re borrowed from all other languages. I love how words that sound the same mean different things, and how for just about adjective there are a dozen alternatives that mean the same thing but evoke a slightly different mental image.

These are a few of my favorite things words:

  • slaver
  • slip
  • slosh
  • black
  • fish
  • grey
  • jackass
  • blonde
  • pale
  • deep
  • unspoken
  • precipice
  • glacial
  • cattywampus

They’re all favorites for one of three reasons:

  1. The way they sound
  2. The mental image they ellicit
  3. Their grit and simplicity

What are your favorite words?

15 thoughts on “My Favorite Words

  1. I love the English language too, Hanna!

    Words like whoosh, splat, crunch, squish, growl, and so on that sound like what they mean;
    The big array of three letter verbs we have, especially ones like cut, hit, an put that don’t change based on tense;
    Then screwball words like cockamamie, balderdash, flummox and flabbergast.

    Is it still true that there is no English word that rhymes with “orange”? With all the new words coined by technology, wouldn’t you think they could have done something like call a hard drive a “storange”?

    Great post!

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    1. I wonder if all other languages have onomatopoeia… But “storange” is brilliant! You should slap a copyright on it. I’m imagining some sort of solid state drive that’s orange.

      I love those “screwball” words, too: Smithereens, shenanigans, malarkey.

      Thank you!

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      1. Wow, you’ve just taken my wordplay one big step forward. I’ll cut you in on the copyright if you know how to go about it. 🙂
        By any chance do you have Irish in your lineage? Your last two words make me wonder.

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        1. Sounds good, and quite possibly! The name Hanna is actually a family name from the Scottish clan O’Hannay, but I wasn’t thinking of it when those words came to mind, haha. They just sound silly, but they do have Irish roots.

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  2. You are welcome! Ice Cold Steve Austin introduced it to me, haha!

    Great words; I had to look up the definition for petrichor. I imagined it was going to mean a terrible stench, but it was the opposite. Fascinating!

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  3. Great post! I love the Enlish language, too. Haven’t really thought about my favourite words but here are a few I can think of just off the cuff: Soft, silk, serendipity, slow, sublime, divine, supine, symphony, affection…

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