What’s in My Bag – A Writer’s Mini Backpack

Now that I’m a proper blogger, I can participate in my favorite tag!

My sky blue Kanken Mini is my favorite bag. I believe it was originally developed by Fjallraven as a bag for small schoolchildren, but it’s the perfect size for me to use as a purse! It’s well made and comfortable to wear, and even water resistant.

I love the brand because of a) the fox logo and b) it’s Swedish. And Sweden seems great.

Also note the cute little foxy guy on the zipper! (Not included with the bag.)

And here are the contents!

  • My iPad in a Zagg keyboard case so I can write wherever I go.
  • Hand sanitizer because touching things is gross but necessary.
  • Lip balm to prevent chapping and color for obvious reasons.
  • A little pouch for lipsticks and feminine products (with the kitty on it).
  • My wallet, featuring a metal fox logo.
  • A green Moleskine for jotting down any and everything.

And there you have it! I fill the bag as needed for the day, but these are its usual contents. It has everything I need for a long writing stint in a coffee shop, or anywhere, really.

What’s in your bag?

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